To develop an audio brand for the leading music streaming service in Russia. To emphasize the broadness and depth of Yandex.Music’s catalogue, while preserving the existing crossmodal brand recognition and adding unique audio flavour to differentiate it from the global competition.


Our initial steps involved conducting a comprehensive analysis of competing music streaming services and mapping their sonic identities onto a purpose-built matrix. To that end, we’ve covered over a thousand reference points.

Yandex.Music’s motto is “a service that knows and feels you.” The algorithm adapts to the user’s preferences and provides him/her with individually generated, fine-tuned recommendations. We extended the idea of personalization to the audio brand itself: many of its sonic elements morph and mutate in response to the listening context and musical taste of the user who encounters them. At the same time, the overall sound is designed to retain consistency, fostering brand recognition.

Our preparatory work culminated with the development of an Audio DNA, which included musical notes characteristic of the sounds produced by Alisa, a popular virtual assistant AI by Yandex.

Audio DNA

Having established a shared vision with Yandex.Music in terms of the fundamentals, we produced a spectrum of sonic elements and designed a set of [re]combination and transformation principles for them. Based on these assets, we created an audiologo, app interface sounds, and a series of soundscapes for specific uses: ads, podcasts, indoor/outdoor spaces, etc.


Personalized audiologos


Examples of integration

Soundscapes for project «Planetronica»

Music composition for «MuzTV» ad