Aesthetics of Sound (Estetika Zvuka, EZ) is an international team of sound and marketing experts, audio-production and branding professionals. We create sounds and music for the world’s leading advertising agencies, commercial brands, media, technological companies, and cultural institutions. We give our undivided attention and undiluted creative passion to every project that we work on.

Audio branding

Audio branding is much more than just a jingle

We start our work on audio branding by developing a marketing strategy. Then, our composers create an Audio DNA — a musical composition that reflects the essence of the brand. Once we reach alignment with the vision of the brand representatives, we begin to develop specific aural elements.

Comprehensive research, flexibility, and future-ready production are the three key principles of our work. Market research and competition analysis help us set up a reference matrix and arrive at a truly authentic sound. We create an adaptable product that can be easily used within a wide range of scenarios, which leads to saved time and resources during implementations.

Music production and sound design

We write music and design sounds for ads, movies, video games, mobile apps, presentations, spaces, and installations of any complexity level. We start by having an in-depth discussion with you about the desired sound for your product. During the next stage, we present you with a number of creative directions for your evaluation and selection. After that EZ's sound producers and composers assemble the final product.

UX/UI audio

User Experience is an essential part of our daily lives. Gadgets and other electronic devices make sounds to attract our attention, and some of those sounds have become iconic enough to embed themselves in our collective memory. iPhone and Nokia ringtones, messenger notifications, Windows startup tunes--such sounds are UX audio classics, epitomes of good interface design.

We offer an all-encompassing set of UX/UI audio services to add sound to your apps, web sites, or other digital products. Our goal is to create an aural dimension that will help your users navigate the interface, provide them with precise sonic feedback, make their experience more comfortable, and increase product recognition.